Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's been Months!

Hey everyone,
   I am looking at my blog now and can't even believe that it's been 8 months since my last post!
How in the world have I walked off and haven't been active on almost anything?!
   Well, I do think that it's because after the last Christmas season I was overwhelmed by all the work I had, and it being all custom work, it really worn me out, physically and mentally. So I took a long vacation and then kind of resigned on getting back to work.
   But now, and I have to say it's definitely partly the pregnancy (check out my blog www.katespregnancystories.blogspot.com), that I am regaining my enthusiasm and enjoyment from making art. So I will be sharing new things with you and will do my best to stick with it! :)
   Here are just a couple of things for the start that I would like to share...

Mr. Pug - 5x7 watercolor

My cousin with her newborn son, Chris - 5x7 marker and coloring pencils cartoon

Portrait of a horse - 11x14 dry pastels

Painted shell - acrylics, sealed with a UV protective glossy varnish

Chihuahua loves a cookie - 5x7 acrylics
This is an older piece, but I love it!

So leave me some comments, I would appreciate to know that you stopped by and that I am not completely forgotten even though I totally deserve it! Thanks : )

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  1. Hey Kate! I love these, and was wondering if you're going to share more with us. :) *HUGS*